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15 Apr 2015

CROP (Comparative Research Programme on Poverty) was established with a secretariat in Bergen, Norway in 1993 in order to promote social science research that theorises and provides understanding of poverty in a global context.

The fundamental mission of CROP is to work in collaboration with knowledge networks, institutions and scholars to build independent, alternative and critical knowledge and education on poverty, and to help shape policies for preventing and eradicating poverty.

CROP is a network of scholars engaged in poverty-related research. They share a thematic interest while working within a variety of disciplines such as political science, law, health, geography etc. CROP’s network is the instrument with which to pursue its mission. A vibrant and interactive network is therefore imperative for its success. This is why the development of the contents and global reach of the network has been given a prominent place in the strategy plan.

CROP is also a research programme with a focus on planning and developing research proposals and projects, as well as disseminating research. This is organised by the secretariat in collaboration with national and international partners.

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