Call for members: EADI proposed Working Group on Inclusive Development

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05 Mar 2015

Inclusive Development, a popular term in governance circles, is liberally used in the UN’s Open Working Group’s text on Sustainable Development Goals. The question is – what does this term mean? How can it be better theorized and operationalized? What are its prospects and limits? The purpose of an EADI Working Group on Inclusive Development is to understand what how best to further conceptualize, theorize and operationalize this term.

Inclusive development has three levels of interpretation. First, inclusive development aims to include the marginalized and vulnerable in the development processes. Inclusive development, in the context of the Anthropocene, implies taking into account that human well-being depends on sustaining ecosystem services. At the local level, this might imply managing waste flows in a cradle to cradle manner. At the global level, this might imply adopting equitable strategies to address climate change. Lastly, inclusive development from a political-relational perspective implies that poverty issues cannot be effectively addressed with dealing with the institutionalized causes of inequality and that empowering the poor comes implies to some extent the disempowerment of the rich. At the local level, this implies looking at ways to redistribute resources and engage with local power politics; at the global level, this implies looking at changing ‘North-South’ relations, the right to development and principles of equity.

Interested researchers are invited to write to Joyeeta Gupta,

Professor of Environment and Development in the Global South

Governance and Inclusive Development (GID)

Room B4.07, Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies,

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research,

University of Amsterdam,

Nieuwe Achtergracht 166,

1018 WV Amsterdam,

Tel. 31 20 5254366


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