EADI Membership Campaign 2015

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Membership Benefits
26 Jan 2015

Today, we are launching the 2015 EADI Membership Campaign. EADI as a leading network in the field of development research aims to welcome new members as part of our European network of leading research and training institutes.

In 2015, EADI – the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes – has set itself ambitious goals. We are looking for leading institutes in the field of development research based in Europe to join our vibrant association and play an active role in our network. As part of our 2015 membership campaign, we are offering new networking opportunities and provide all members with higher visibility for their research.

  • Brand new networking opportunities: If you join EADI in 2015, your institute will be paired with an established institutional member of the EADI network, so that you may start networking with leading researchers in the field right away (see the list of EADI members)
  • All new institutional members will be featured on the new and improved EADI homepage: we will give your institute a spotlight to introduce you to our network.

This comes additionally to our comprehensive list of membership benefits.

If you are looking to promote your research, debate the future of development and network with leading researchers in Europe, become an EADI member and join our network!

About us: EADI is the leading European network in the field of development research and training, with 150 member institutes all over Europe.

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