Development Cooperation Policies and Performance

What are the core topics of the Working Group?

The dynamics and processes, the actors and factors surrounding (structural and humanitarian) policies of development cooperation (DC). Development cooperation policies, practices and performance are the core research subjects of the working group. These subjects can be studied all along and across the chain of delivery:

  • starting from the input side with domestic influences on DC policies in the donor country,
  • the throughput looking into donor-recipient interfaces, and,
  • the output, outcome, impact in/on recipient countries.

Both state and non-state, public and private DC fall under the research scope of the Working Group. The group has a particular interest in the study of DC and its interaction with foreign affairs and other policy domains.

What are our aims? What do we want to achieve as a Working Group?

The main aim is to create a dynamic and pro-active platform, with a solid reputation in the field of DC policies and performance. For this purpose we pursue the strategic goal to:

Promote high quality research and publications on DC. To achieve this, there is a need to facilitate and intensify the exchange and cooperation between DC scholars; to broaden the DC research community; and to stimulate innovation. 

Who can join?

Researchers associated with EADI member institutes, individual members as well as non-members of EADI are welcome to participate and to join in all the activities of the group. We particularly welcome researchers associated with universities and research institutes in the South, but also practitioners working in NGOs, in bilateral and multilateral DC agencies.