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  • Centro de Estudos sobre África, Ásia e América Latina (CeSA)

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    CESA, Centre for Studies on Africa and Development, is a research unit of the Institute of Economics and Management, Technical University of Lisbon, which also includes the network of units financed by the Research & Development Foundation for Science and Technology. It aims to study the economic and social development in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, but with particular emphasis on the study of Portuguese-speaking countries. However, CESA also encourages research on any topic, theoretical or applied, related to the economic and social development in general, relative to other regions or cross multiple regions.

    From a methodological standpoint, CESA seeks to foster interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to the phenomenon of development as well as a permanent interconnection between the theoretical and applied research. On the other hand, the Centre gives special attention to the organization and expansion of library resources to support research, acquisition of databases and exchange of publications with other research centers.

    CESA has an important role in teaching activities at ISEG. It is a research unit that hosts the Masters in International Development and Cooperation (MDCI), assuming a key role in its operation, whether through the Scientific and Pedagogic, both in support and delivery of several of its courses, help in organizing and the seminar's research Masters and supervising students' final dissertations, whose development the Center seeks to fit into their lines of research. CESA is also one of the research units that will host the PhD Program in Development Studies (Development Studies), which will be launched in the academic year 2010-2011.

    The activities developed by the Centre in research and supervision of dissertations and theses, focus in particular on the following topics: economic growth and development, globalization and regionalization, institutions and institutional change, governance and public policy, financial systems and development finance, development cooperation, economic and social history of colonization, migration and diasporas, and identities nation Lusophone, urbanization and development.

    Internationalization is also an important objective for the Centre. She has been sought through participation in international networks and joint research programs and by creating incentives to increase the international publication of its researchers. On the other hand, the CESA shall, individually or in collaboration with the MDCI programs, seminars and conferences, where the participation of foreign guests has a significant size.


    • SENAS (Southern Europe Network of Asian Studies);
    • AEGIS (Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies)

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