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  • Institute of the Middle and Far East, of the Jagiellonian University (IMEFE)

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    Asian Studies – Studies with a bright future!

    In March 2016 Asian Studies, offered by the Institute of the Middle and Far East of the Jagiellonian University were awarded the certificate "Studia z przyszłością" [Studies with a Future]. The Competition and the Accreditation Programme under the same name are carried out by the Foundation for the Development of Education and Higher Education with the supervision of the Minister of Education. Every year the Foundation awards the most modern and innovative majors and study programmes which best correspond to the needs of the labour market along with the expectations of the socio-economic environment.

    Asian Studies, offered by the Institute of the Middle and Far East of the JU were the only study programme awarded in 2016 which connects features of both social studies and humanities. It is an interdisciplinary major which offers the Middle East modules as well as four modules pertaining to the issues of Far East: China, Japan, Korea, India and South Asia.

    Outstanding area studies: The programme at the Institute of the Middle and Far East entails an extended study of cultures, social relations, traditions, political practices, religion and customs of the Middle and Far Eastern countries. Particular focus is put on learning and understanding of events currently unfolding in the area. This type of studies, known as area studies, is especially widespread and popular in Western Europe and the United States. We are the first ones to aim at the development of this type of studies in Poland.

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