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  • Université du Luxembourg

    Université du Luxembourg website

    The European Governance Research Programme was founded in 2004 and it is principally composed of political scientists, historians, and philosophers.

    The programme adopts an interdisciplinary and comparative approach in its treatment of European questions, which it articulates along five research axes:

    Economic and Social Cohesion (René Leboutte) Democracy, Legislative Studies & Decision-making Processes in the EU (Philippe Poirier) Comparative Governance- Europe in the World (Jean-Paul Lehners & Harlan Koff) Analysis of Public Policies (Robert Harmsen) The Philosophical Foundations of Federalism (Dietmar Heidemann)

    The Research Programme's objectives include the development of research and teaching projects, the support of foreign researchers and interns , and the development of collaborative relationships with research centres, foundations and universities, which focus on European and Comparative questions.

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