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EADI’s membership consists of organisations and natural persons (professionals, students).

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Members in Italy

  • Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale (CeSPI)

    CeSPI website

    CeSPI, Center For International Policy Studies, is an independent association and nonprofit, founded in 1985. CeSPI undertakes policy-oriented research on international action, development, and enlargement within the European Union, considering the implications in relation to Italian foreign policies.

  • Centro di Ricerca in Studi Europei, Internazionali e sullo Sviluppo (EuroSapienza)

    EuroSapienza website

    EuroSapienza is the research centre for European, international and development studies based at the Faculty of Economics, La Sapienza University of Rome. EuroSapienza participates in European and international centers of excellence; promotes and manages European research programs; organizes conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops on European and development-related issues; disseminates research results to a wide audience at a national, European and international level; promotes and supports educational activities and master’s degrees in collaboration with other European universities. EuroSapienza supports research also through international agreements with universities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. EuroSapienza promotes and manages the master programmes "Studi Europei per l'America Latina" and "European and International Policies and Crisis Management". It also manages a training course in European Project Management. EuroSapienza builds on the scientific experience of the European School established in 1960 at the University of Rome. In 2012, the Research Centre EuroSapienza brought together three existing centers for interdepartmental research: EuroSapienza (European Studies), CIDEI (International Economics) and SPES (Development Studies).

  • Department of Political and Social Sciences, Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, University of Bologna (UNIBO)

    UNIBO website

    The Departmental Centre for Historical and Political Studies on Africa and Middle East is based in the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Bologna.

    The Centre has the main aim to promote research about Africa and the Middle East within political sciences, contemporary political and social institutions, development issues.

    The Centre has been officially created in December 2006 and is the result of years of academic activities and researches coordinated by the Chair of History and Institutions of Afro-Asian Countries within the then former Department of Politics, Institutions, History.

  • Society for International Development (SID)

    SID website

    Through its programmes and network SID aims to act as one of the catalysts of the emerging movement for tolerance and justice. The Society facilitates a wide range of activities to build and nurture new social relations, provide opportunities for exchange of knowledge and information between diverse actors, and create opportunities for local innovations to be strengthened, scaled-up and replicated. The core entry points for SID's regional and global programmes derive from its long experience of work in the areas of sustainable livelihoods, women's empowerment, and governance and democratization.

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