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EADI’s membership consists of organisations and natural persons (professionals, students).

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Members in Hungary

  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Department of International Relations (HAS)

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    The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) is committed towards international cooperation in the field of scientific research.

    The Institute for World Economics (IWE) of the HAS carries out research and formulates policy recommendations on an objective basis, as part of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Established in 1973, it has become one of the major policy-oriented international research institutes and economic-policy think tanks in Central Europe.

    Its main research task is to study the underlying trends and factors behind global and regional economic developments, and to examine their present and future impact on the Hungarian economy. In addition, it sets out to contribute to international research, through cooperation with top research institutes throughout the world.

  • Milton Friedman University (ZSKF)

    By organizing education and introducing a standard quality system, we want to establish a student-centered higher level educational institution where we can help the students achieve their individual goals, meanwhile contribute to the development of Hungarian economy (the labour force) and follow the current laws and rules that both regulate the work of Hungarian higher education and correspond to the integrational processes within the European Union.

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Total number of members: 126