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EADI’s membership consists of organisations and natural persons (professionals, students).

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Members in Belgium

  • Higher Institute of Labour Studies (HIVA)

    HIVA website

    The Higher Institute for Labour Studies (HIVA) is a research institute attached to the Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven). HIVA's research activities are carried out in support of government policy and focus on problems facing employees, underprivileged and disadvantaged groups, social organisations and movements in society. The research activities are organised into four sectors: (1) Work and Organisation; (2) Education and Labour Market; (3) Social and Economic Policy; and (4) Sustainable Development. Each research sector adopts a multidisciplinary approach to its research activities. Over a period of almost 30 years, HIVA has built up a great stock of experience in many fields, and therefore not surprisingly enjoys national and international renown.

  • Institut d'Etudes du Développement (UCL/ DVLP)

    UCL/ DVLP website

    Le Centre d’Etudes du Développement (DVLP) de l’Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) (auparavant Institut d’Etudes du Développement) a été fondé en 1961, dans le sillage de la décolonisation, et de la volonté de l’UCL de s’adapter aux nouvelles réalités créées par l’avènement d’une nouvelle phase historique dans les rapports entre l’Europe et l’Afrique. DVLP a donc une longue histoire qui lui a permis d’être à la fois un témoin privilégié des transformations intervenues dans les rapports Nord-Sud depuis un demi-siècle, un acteur investi dans la réflexion sur leurs enjeux, et un participant à divers types d’engagements au sein des pays du Sud et liés à l’évolution des politiques de coopération.

  • Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp (IOB)

    IOB website

    It is a multidisciplinary institute involved in the triple function of academic teaching, scientific research and service to the community in the area of economic, political and social aspects of development policy and management. Born through the pooling of existing resources at the University of Antwerp, IOB strives to become an internationally recognised centre of excellence. It pursues co-operation with other Flemish, Belgian and foreign universities and institutions of higher learning, and considers the best European development studies institutes as a reference.

  • Internationaler Hilfsfonds e.V.

    Internationaler Hilfsfonds e.V. website

    The international Hilfsfond supports projects against climate change.

  • Mundus maris, Sciences and Arts pour la Durabilité (Mundus maris)

    Mundus maris website

    We are scientists, artists, school teachers, concerned parents from different regions of the world, joining forces to promote transitions towards sustainability values and practices as well as human and dignified lives.

    We strive to provide scientific and relevant indigenous knowledge and encourage artistic expression about the sea in order to promote its restoration, conservation and sustainable use, to further the study, understanding and respect of aquatic ecosystems and associated biological and cultural diversity.

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