JUMP - Journal Mentoring Programme

Academic publishing is critical to the enhancement of research capacity in the Global South. Furthermore, the greater participation of Southern researchers in journals such as the European Journal of Development Research EJDR serves to re-balance the predominantly Northern academic development ‘voice’.

The aim of the EJDR mentorship programme JUMP is to increase the number of original academic articles authored by Southern development researchers that are published in the EJDR, with a particular focus on women and authors from sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Promoting the increased participation of Southern researchers in the EJDR

The JUMP Mentoring Programme offers (young) Southern researchers the opportunity to work closely with an experienced scholar from their field of interest with the aim of preparing a paper that is (subject to the regular peer-review process) accepted for publication in the EJDR.

A one-day writing workshop at the EADI NORDIC Conference 2017 will kick off the programme. Mentees are paired with their mentors, introduced to the basics of writing a paper for academic high-ranking publishing and have opportunity to network. Conference fees, travel and accommodation expenses of the mentees are covered by the programme.


  • Advancing voices of Southern researchers in academic knowledge production
  • Promoting Southern researchers to publish in international high quality Journals


  • Southern researchers based in a low or middle income country in the global South Group without publishing experience in high quality international academic journals
  • Special focus on female researchers from the global South (but not exclusively)


  • The programme is hosted by The European Journal of Development Research (EJDR)
  • Mentoring Panel consisting of experienced EJDR editorial team members
  • Introductory Workshop at EADI Nordic Conference 2017 for accepted Southern researchers (August 2017)
  • Selected researchers will be paired with mentors giving guidance during the publishing process in EJDR (commenting on structure and drafts, etc.)

Call for Applications

Authors from the global South that have submitted an abstract and have been accepted to present their paper at the 2017 EADI NORDIC Conference are invited to submit their application.

Eligibility criteria are that the authors:

  • are born and based in a low or middle-income country in the global South
  • have not published previously in high quality international academic journals.

Applicants are required to submit their CVs and a letter clearly stating what motivates them to apply for the mentorship programme. We particularly welcome applications from women and researchers from sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Please use this form to send us your application by 31 May 2017 to jump@eadi.org


April 2017 Call for Applications
August 2017 1-day writing workshop at EADI NORDIC Conference for accepted participants and pairing of mentors and mentees
August 2017 – April 2018 One-to-one Mentoring. Finalised papers are submitted via the EJDR system for Review.