WS094 - Resource grabbing: impacts and responses in an era of climate change
Convened by Adwoa Yeboah Gyapong, Corinne Lamain, Elyse Mills, Natacha Bruna, Nguyet Dang Bao, Yukari Sekine, Sergio Coronado and Amod Shah (all from International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), the Netherlands)

How do local people resist resource grabs, in organised forms or through everyday, less-visible actions? How does climate change mitigation intensify conflict? This workshop explores these questions, among others, through a participatory discussion on the impacts of and responses to resource grabbing (land, water, fisheries, minerals) and green grabbing (climate change mitigation and adaptation). The workshop aims to provide an open space for discussing how agricultural, fisheries and climate change mitigation policies and regulations contribute to resource and green grabbing, the impacts created on the ground, responses from local people and solidarity-building between affected groups, and what the implications are for social and environmental justice.

No abstract submission possible for Workshop Sessions.