WS093 - Social justice in practices of research collaboration: Lessons learned in DEVELOP research programme
Convened by Mikko Ylikangas (Academy of Finland, Finland)

Striving for social justice is central in South-North collaboration in development research. On one hand, development research seeks to contribute to social justice in our global world. On the other hand, the research collaboration in the field itself constantly seeks for more just practices and epistemological standpoints. The panel discusses different angles on social justice in development practice based on the experiences of researchers in the Academy Programme in Development Research (DEVELOP). DEVELOP is jointly funded by the Academy of Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland for 2018–2022 (9M€). Focusing on three main research themes, DEVELOP supports multidisciplinary, phenomenon-driven and problem-based research in the spirt of Agenda 2030. DEVELOP supports long-term cooperation and promotes equal participation by researchers and research institutes from global South.  The results should first and foremost meet the information needs of partners in developing countries. Against this backdrop, both Northern and Southern representatives of three different projects funded by DEVELOP will reflect the practical ways in which their projects seek to promote social justice, equality and solidarity, and engage with Southern epistemologies in their research collaboration and thus promote social change in i.a. Tanzania, Uganda and Ecuador. They will present their experiences and challenges, not least related to the academic structures that easily enhance inequalities. Moreover, in the final discussion, the panel seeks to identify ways forward and lessons learned for both researchers and the funding agencies.

Session outline

The workshop will composed of 3 papers from DEVELOP projects in which the researchers will handle the above-mentioned issues.

After the presentations an invited discussant will give comments to each presentation. After that the presenters, discussant and other participants of the workshop will engage in open discussion and exchange of experiences, ideas and good practises. The discussion and outcomes will be transcribed and discussed later in the annual seminar of the DEVELOP programme so that the whole programme will benefit of the fruits of the Hague workshop. Our Hague workshop will be interactive with enough time for interaction with the audience. There will be space for mutual learning and for individual feedback for each presenter through a discussant. Our workshop will certainly be diverse and gender-balanced and the presenters and discussants will be mostly from the Global South (i.a. Tanzania, Uganda, Ecuador.

The three research projects that will open the workshop with presentations are:


  • Antti Autio,Doctoral Student,University of Helsinki
  • Alice Nankya Ndidde, Lecturer,Department of Adult and Community Education,School of Distance and Lifelong Learning in the College of Education and External Studies,Makerere University, Uganda
  • Ruth Arias, Prof. Rector of the Universidad Estatal Amazonica, Ecuador

Discussant: Dr. Andrea Butcher, University of Helsinki