WS060 - Mapping injustices for solidarity: a methods workshop
Convened by Javier Martinez, Diana Reckien, Karin Pfeffer (University of Twente, the Netherlands), Christine Richter, (Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW) and Sandeep Menon (KRVIA Mumbai)

Let’s make unjust conditions visible! In this workshop participants will map unjust conditions that are invisible, ignored, or concealed. What can be achieved? We will discuss to what extent mapping injustice can be embedded and transformative. We will use a combination of spatial and crossmedia (maps, photography, moving image, sound) to locate and characterize unjust conditions and inequities in urban areas. We argue that a first step towards solidarity is taken if injustices are made visible. We advocate for empathic representations of urban conditions, where maps are used to bring different realities together.

No abstract submission possible for Workshop Sessions.