WS057 - Just knowledge cultivation with a decolonial feminist lens
Convened by Julia Schönberg (University of Kassel, Germany), Brenda Rodriguez Cortes, Rosalba Icaza Garza, Zuleika Sheik (all from International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Netherlands) and Lata Narayanaswamy (University of Leeds, UK)

Development as a way to ‘know’ the world is pervasive; shaping both what we think we ‘know’ but also HOW we know it, and this is no less true for the concept of 'gender equality'. In our workshop we want to tackle the following questions:

  • Given how we ‘know’ the world, whose norms around what constitutes gender equality actually count?
  • How do we validate and proliferate knowledge around dominant perceptions of ‘women’, ‘gender’ both within and beyond HE? How do these production processes both shape and continue to be shaped by the colonial encounter?
  • What would a ‘decolonial feminist’ lens bring to the development encounter?

EADI Working Group: Post- and Decolonial Perspectives on Development

No abstract submission possible for Workshop Sessions.