WS028 - Visual storytelling workshop: how to turn your EADI abstract into a vlog
Convened by Emanuele Fantini (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, the Netherlands)

Visual abstracts are getting more and more popular in academic journals and conferences. Vlogs (i.e. max of 2 min. hand-held recorded video with for example your mobile phone) are a promising format to boost story into social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube. Inspired by the photo exhibition #EverydayNile and the roundtable on the power of images in framing development narratives, and with the support of a professional film-maker and science communicators, the participants to the workshop will be guided through: i) the basic elements of storytelling and the development of a storyline, ii) the recording and editing a of a vlog with their smartphone and iii) the dissemination of their vlog through social media. Participants are invited to apply these tips to vlog their EADI abstract. The workshop will have a maximum amount of participants (20) and it will be open to researchers working on all development topics.

No abstract submission possible for Workshop Sessions.