WS018 - Children as experts: the healthy relationships model for youth-led research and advocacy
Convened by Kristen Cheney (International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), the Netherlands)

In this session we share our experiences from a youth participatory research and advocacy project, Adolescents’ Perceptions of Healthy Relationships, which departed from the premise that young people are the experts of their own lives, and that children and adolescents should be given the opportunity to co-create knowledge. In the process, we also developed a Healthy Relationships Model for working effectively with young people in research and development practice. In the workshop, we will teach others how to use the tools and methods to transform young people into successful young researchers and advocacy campaigners.

Adult project participants: 

Kristen Cheney (APHR project leader, ISS)

Annah Kamusiime (TZ lead researcher, ISS)

Kristina Nenova (BG lead researcher, Animus Foundation, Bulgaria)

Lydia Sandi (TZ project coordinator, CEREDEV, Tanzania)

Naishoki Paul (TZ supervisor Dar es Salaam)

Peer researchers and advocates Bulgaria: 

Alexander Ivanov 

Viktoria Nikolova 

Iva Naydenova 

Zornica Todotova 

Elica Yovkova 

Peer researchers and advocates Tanzania: 

Catherine Kato

Masasi Stephano

Emmanuella Emmanuel