WS015 - Solidarity as key ingredient to influence land rights policies in severely restricted civic space contexts
Convened by Saskia van Veen (Oxfam Novib, the Netherlands)

Access to land has become one of the most contentious public issues in many countries we work in. Civic space is shrinking severely, as partner CSOs increasingly face threats and limitations in defending land rights, and land disputes become increasingly intense. Oxfam Novib experiences in different countries that building solidarity among CSOs helps to remain influential on land rights policies in restricted civic space contexts. In this session, Oxfam Novib will share the experiences of local partners in Vietnam and/or Cambodia who remained influential on land rights through solidarity in alliances and will invite academic speakers to share their insights on solidarity as a key factor when influencing land rights in shrinking civic space.


Mr. Vannara Ouk, Deputy Executive Director of the NGO Forum

Mr Pham Quang Tu, Deputy Country Director at Oxfam in Vietnam


The presenters mentioned above, and:

Barbara Oosters, Civic space policy advisor and influencer Oxfam Novib

Selma Zijlstra, PhD-candidate Anthropology and Development, Radboud University Nijmegen.

Marja Spierenburg, professor of Anthropology of Sustainability and Livelihood at Leiden University