SP106 - Rethinking inequalities in the era of growth limits and social injustice
Convened by Rogelio Madrueño Aguilar (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany), José María Larrú (Universidad San Pablo CEU Madrid, Spain) and David Castells-Quintana (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain)

Inequality is above all a multidimensional problem. It is by no means a complex issue that requires global solutions in accordance with the challenge imposed by the new international environment. More importantly, the emergence of new global challenges questions the possibility of achieving a proper balance between growth, social justice and climate change, which involves an obstacle for the promotion of social development, solidarity and the reduction of inequality. This panel aims to find new understandings to the notion of inequalities (opportunity, income, wealth, gender, etc.) in order to enrich both contemporary development discourse and global cooperative solutions.