SP098 - Views on the EU as a development actor in conversation with postdevelopment
Convened by Nathan Vandeputte, Sarah Delputte (both from Ghent University, Belgium) and Julia Schöneberg (Kassel University, Germany)

In contrast to Western development models centred on needs and economic development, postdevelopment questions the need for development as such, in favour of more radical alternatives endorsing global solidarity and social justice. Hence, departing from the argument that bridging EU development policy analysis with postdevelopment starts from a dialogue that must be based on tracing and unmaking colonial continuations, in this seed panel we harness the opportunity to scrutinize how such concrete ‘alternatives (to) EU development policy’ might look and how we – as (Western) academic scholars – can (or can’t) incorporate these into our own framework of development policy analysis.

EADI Working Groups: the European Union as a Development Actor and Post- and Decolonial Perspectives on Development