SP088 - Building social justice and solidarity through the politics of urban social transformation
Convened by Marianne Millstein, Berit Aasen (both from Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway), Tom Goodfellow (University of Sheffield, UK) and Catherine Sutherland (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa)

This panel explores the politics of urban social transformation in the global South, meaning transformation that aims at reducing inequalities and strengthening solidarity for a socially just city. Cities are now firmly on the global development agenda, but realizing the ambitious goals embedded in the urban SDG and ‘New Urban Agenda’ is a difficult task. To tackle the range of urban challenges we face requires better understanding the politics and power structures that enable and constrain forms of activism and agency. This panel therefore explores the potential for urban citizenship, networks and activism to generate urban solidarity and social justice.

EADI Working Group: Urban Governance