SP077 - Making solidarity sexy, funny, and cool? Challenges of framing interventions and engaging the public in development and humanitarianism
Convened by Lisa Ann Richey (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

The increasing ‘privatization of helping’ in both its material and symbolic forms has made engaging in international development and humanitarianism a desirable practice that can be ‘sexy’, ‘funny’ and ‘cool’. Development outcomes themselves become so imbued with ‘symbolic’ and ‘ethical’ value that they are used to market consumer goods through virtual and interactive products where the spectacle or experience itself becomes a commodity. The ways in which these new engagements are experienced in the Global South and their effect on intercultural aid relations are in need of further study and reflection. We invite papers (full or draft, including fieldwork reflections) to engage new and ongoing scholarship on the diverse forms of public engagements (virtual and legacy) in humanitarianism and international development (which could include among others, online activism, fundraising, interventions, disaster relief, charity, remittances and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR).