SP069 - Climate-resilient development and social justice: squaring the circle?
Convened by Edith Kuerzinger (PREMAnet e.V., Germany), Darley Kjosavik (Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Norway) and Stefano Moncada (University of Malta, Malta)

The window to avert irreversible climate-change, biodiversity loss, vulnerability, and social inequalities is rapidly closing. We invite voices from innovative research, education, and practice to present ideas, sketches, concepts, success stories, research-frameworks and findings, which trigger transformational change towards socially just, peaceful, and climate-resilient societies. An interactive “seed-panel” will allow exchange of views and cooperation among actors involved in climate-resilient change based on solidarity, social justice and peace. Key concepts: innovative/multidisciplinary approaches to climate-resilient, inclusive, and peaceful pathways; vulnerability and resilience (e.g. gender, marginalized social groups, and small island developing states); substitution of fossil by renewable resources accounting for social justice and solidarity.

EADI Working Group: Climate-Resilient Development