SP063 - Rethinking development: creative responses to economic injustice in developing economies
Convened by Kelly Dye (Acadia University, Canada) and Bruce Dye (Crest Business Development Ltd.)

Responses to social injustice, particularly to economic injustice and resulting poverty, vary from income redistribution strategies to programs and policies aimed at reducing employment barriers to marginalised groups. Despite such efforts, this injustice continues to grow, with “inequality getting much worse, heightening the economic precarity of the poor” (Cummings, 2017, p. 37). This Seed Panel provides a platform to present works in progress, draft papers, and / or innovative ideas that explore approaches to development that address such social and economic injustice from the perspectives of those working at the individual and community levels. This may include non-traditional, unique, or experimental approaches, experiences, or programs aimed at helping individuals and communities improve their circumstances within a system that is economically and socially unjust. Abstracts chosen for the panel will require a presentation as a final submission.