SP002 - Emotionally engaged: reflecting upon researchers’ positionality
Convened by An Ansoms (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

Research interacts with and has an impact upon the field in which it is grounded. The literature engages with discussing ethical and epistemological dimensions of research. It also increasingly invites researchers to reflect upon their own positionality. However, social scientists are badly trained when it comes to talk about the emotionality that their research generates. When doing research on topics such as solidarity, peace and social justice (or the lack thereof), these emotional challenges may be all the more profound. We invite papers that reflect upon researchers’ positionality in relation to their research life, and the emotionality embedded within their trajectory. Contributions in the form of draft papers will reflect upon the ways in which researchers’ own emotionality interacts with their engagement as a scientist and – potentially – as an activist.