RT141 - Crowding out solidarity? - Indirect impacts of large-scale public health insurance schemes
Convened by Zemzem Shigute and Matthias Rieger (International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Netherlands)

Little attention has been paid to indirect outcomes of public health insurance schemes such as changes in coping behavior after health shocks, changes in economic activities or changes in solidarity and trust between community members. Through development cooperation, many donors support partner countries in achieving universal health coverage. Government and non-government efforts at national and local level have been supported for instance in India, Pakistan, Ghana and Ethiopia. The focus in all these countries is the introduction of nation-wide health insurance schemes. However, there is no conclusive evidence on the impact of such schemes on existing informal risk-sharing networks, trust and solidarity within communities. The participants of the roundtable will present evidence on how public health insurance schemes affect these more indirect outcomes and discuss potential implications for policy makers.

Convened by Zemzem Shigute and Matthias Rieger, International Institute of Social Studies

No abstact submission possible for Roundtable Sessions.