RT134 - Water, food and social justice
Convened by Lyla Mehta (Institute of Development Studies, Unversity of Sussex, UK) and Deepa Joshi (International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka)

This roundtable seeks to advance a social and gender justice perspective on water, food and the environment. It will

(1) Critically examine mainstream discourses in the water, food and environmental realms, and highlight some key limitations around inclusion and equity;

(2) Dismantle sectoral boundaries between water, food, nature and wellbeing;

(3) Explore how the human rights to water and food can be joined up in a meaningful way to promote a gender just human rights approach to water and food security

(5) Advance bottom-up alternatives calling for transformative change beyond technical solutions to address complex socio-political and environmental exclusions.

Confirmed speakers

Professor Lyla Mehta, Dr Shilpi Srivastava,  both Institute of Development Studies, UK

Dr Deepa Joshi, International Water Management Institute, Colombo

Dr K J Joy Joy, SOPPECOM, India KJ