RT115 - Author meets critics: "Business, power and sustainability in a world of Global Value Chains"
Convened by Stefano Ponte (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

This roundtable will critically discuss the findings of a new book by Stefano Ponte, ‘Business, Power and Sustainability in a World of Global Value Chains’ and their implications for sustainable development futures. Based in over 15 years of research, the book examines how sustainability governance can be best designed, managed and institutionalized in today’s world of global value chains (GVCs), with particular emphasis on actors and processes based in the Global South. The panel will discuss the social and environmental justice implications of sustainability as applied by business in practice – and the role of solidarity in promoting ‘just sustainabilities’.


  • Philip Mader– Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK
  • Luís Bernardo - University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Aarti Krishnan - University of Manchester, UK
  • Khalid Nadvi - Global Development Institute, University of Manchester, UK