RT044 - Safety and security for university staff, students and research participants
Convened by Thea Hilhorst, Linda Johnson and Rodrigo Mena (International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), the Netherlands)

Safety and security is a neglected aspect of field work. It is important for researchers, collaborators and research participants. Safety and security often reflects hierarchies in development studies, whereby well-insured international researchers work with partners who have no such facilities. University managers often approach security with the objective of protecting the university from liability. This may lead to further inequality when international researchers are denied access to the field. It is time for the academic community to take the initiative. The session provides a space for sharing good practice around an agenda that is rooted in a need for solidarity, so as to address unintended but growing inequality in how we conduct our research in the field.

Confirmed speakers:

Dr. Eric Beerkens - Head of WOTRO, Science for Global Development (Netherlands)

Dr. Vagisha Gunasekara

Dr. Rod Mena

Thea Hilhorst will start the session with an introduction to the topic. In addition, Professor Dr. Henning Melber will offer reflections on the topic