RT027 - Whose renaissance? Ways of seeing water and dams in Ethiopia
Convened by Emanuele Fantini, (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, the Netherlands)

The roundtable explores the connection between popular culture and large scale investments in water, land, and infrastructures. Inspired by two photography books on dams and water in Ethiopia published in the past years (“The water tower of Africa” commissioned by the construction company Salini, and “Omo change” by Fausto Podavini), the roundtable will discuss the use of photo in building, legitimising or challenging narratives about development, nature and technology. Photographers and researchers from Ethiopia and Italy will engage in a post-colonial discussion on ethics of photojournalism, aesthetics and power, highlighting how different artistic canons might resonate with specific material interests, or how the photographer focus foregrounds winners or losers in these projects.