RT013 - Narratives that build Solidarity in support of Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice
Convened by Nicole Walshe (Knowledge Hub Governance & Citizenship, Oxfam Novib, the Netherlands)

Narratives that build solidarity within and across contexts can be powerful tools to protect and strengthen the space to practice the rights of freedom of association, speech and assembly. These three fundamental rights are key enablers of peace and social justice. Yet as civic space shrinks in many contexts and / or for specific groups of people, it can be harder to express these rights and to build solidarity. Co-constructing narratives can be a way to connect with different constituencies and build solidarity across groups. We will look at 3 cases of interaction between narrative change and civic space to explore what can be learnt about the impact of narratives on civic space and what other tactics or strategies are also needed to build solidarity and protect civic space.