RT 200 - Teaching and Learning across Cultures in the International Classroom
Convened by Freek Schiphorst and Kees Biekart (ISS); Susanne Feiertag (NUFFIC)

In development studies we learn (and teach) in a very diverse and international setting: the International Intercultural Classroom. By this we generally mean a learning setting with dozens of different nationalities and backgrounds, even though each student enters the classroom with very different expectations and educational experiences. This Round Table will discuss opportunities as well as limitations (and/or challenges) of this Global Intercultural Classroom, also presenting findings from recent research. We explore perspectives from students as well as from teachers.

Facilitators: Freek Schiphorst (ISS) and Kees Biekart (ISS)

Round table participants:

  • Dr Adwoa Gyapong – ISS External Researcher (Ghana)
  • Daniele Rossi Doria -  ISS PhD Researcher & ISS Alumnus (Italy)
  • Dr Sara van Kinsbergen – Coordinator of the Advanced Master in International Development (AMID) - Radboud University (Netherlands)
  • Harriet Kos – Lecturer at Rotterdam College of Applied Sciences & ISS Alumna (Netherlands)
  • Dr Tiina Kontinen – Associate Professor; Coordinator of the International Master's Degree Programme for Development, Education and International Cooperation (DEICO), University of Jyväskylä (Finland)