HP140 - The extractive imperative, a global phenomenon?
Convened by Lorenzo Pellegrini and Murat Arsel (both from International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), the Netherlands)

Natural resource extraction is seen simultaneously as a source of income, employment generation and financing for social policy expenditure and investment in infrastructure. More broadly, extractive industries are considered conducive to development, to the point that governments and other social actors embrace an ‘extractive imperative’. According to this imperative, extraction needs to continue and expand regardless of prevailing circumstances, ultimately undermining social justice. The concept has originated from Latin America, but has subsequently been applied to countries outside the region. This panel aims at the shape the extractive imperative has taken in Latin America after the conclusion of the ‘left turn’ as well as discussing it globally and comparatively. We invite the submission of (early) drafts and extended abstracts for the panel.