HP133 - Protracted crisis and the humanitarian-development nexus
Convened by Jörg Faust (German Institute for Development Evaluation, Germany) and Nadia Molenaers (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

Millions of people are forcibly displaced by armed conflict and human right violations, creating a huge demand for humanitarian aid. Many of those conflicts have turned into protracted crises and resulting migration has affected neighbouring regions, which are themselves confronted with severe developmental challenges. Consequently, humanitarian aid and development aid today are to be organized in a more harmonized and context specific way if they want to promote short-term alleviation from physical threats and more long-term developmental goals such as peace, solidarity and social justice. Therefore, this harvest panel presents and discusses theory-driven empirical evidence from research and evaluation on the humanitarian-development nexus.

EADI Working Group: Development Cooperation Policies and Performance