HP085 - Social policy as social ordering in development: critical perspectives
Convened by Maria Gabriela Palacio Ludena (Leiden University, the Netherlands), Hayley Jones (LSE, UK), Maria Klara Kuss (UNU-MERIT, the Netherlands) and Andrew Fischer (ISS, the Netherlands)

This panel invites contributions that explore the norms, institutional processes, social relations, and power dynamics associated with various aspects of social policy in developing countries, and the role they might play as instruments of social ordering. Of particular interest is the possibility that many policies and programmes might play a role in perpetuating processes of social inequality rather than promoting solidarity; their instrumentalisation through narrow targeting modalities; their role in governing social and political identities; and the possibility that many might maintain rather than attenuate existing power dynamics, thereby reproducing forms of discrimination, oppression, and segregation detrimental to solidarity. These possibilities are crucial to explore, given the often uncritical acceptance and promotion of social policy as a means to achieve social justice and build social solidarities in development.