HP001 - Multidimensional impacts of COVID-19 on poverty and wellbeing
Convened by Keetie Roelen (Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK) and Suman Seth (University of Leeds, UK)

Following roughly 18 months after the start of the unprecedented global pandemic of COVID-19, this harvest panel session will consider the multidimensional impacts of the pandemic on aspects of poverty and wellbeing, and the effectiveness of policies that have tried to mitigate socioeconomic consequences. Convened by the ‘Multi-Dimensional Poverty and Poverty Dynamics’ Working Group, we consider the degrees to which interventions have been informed by multidimensional understandings of poverty and wellbeing. While the pandemic is seen to mainly detrimental for the poor, consideration is given to the ways in which it also presents an opportunity to build back better. Are there signs of positive interventions where those living in poverty will emerge with their lives and wellbeing enhanced; more resilient, valued and embraced?

This panel is organised by the EADI Working Group ‘Multi-Dimensional Poverty and Poverty Dynamics