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1. General Information

2. Submission of Abstracts and Paper Management

3. Registration

4. EADI Membership

5. Practical Information

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1. General Information

What is the purpose of the EADI General Conference?

The EADI General Conference is held every three years and assembles more than 500 participants involved or interested in development issues. The General Conference is part of EADI’s activities conducted in order to broaden and deepen the scientific network of development research among its members.

The forthcoming General Conference “Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice” will be held online, 5 - 8 July 2021, in partnership with the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), one of Europe’s oldest and largest centres for research and education in the field of development studies.

The conference was originally planned to be held in The Hague, 29 June - 2 July 2020 and has been postponed due to the global health emergency situation of COVID-19.

What is the programme?

Please check the schedule and the conference programme on the conference website

Please note that the conference programme is currently being amended and will be made available soon.

How can I keep myself updated on recent news about the conference?

In order to keep yourself updated on all issues concerning the General Conference to subscribe to our newsletter. This website will be updated regularly, too.

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2. Submission of Abstracts and Paper Management

Submission process

The main submission process has already taken place in 2019/2020 when the conference was still planned to take place in July 2020, and most of the panel convenors decided not to re-open a call for abstracts for the new dates. For the remaining 11 panels, there was a limited call for abstracts open until 15 February.

How to use the conference management software?

Login to Conftool for your online paper submission at

Create a new account: You have to create a user account in order to use any facilities of Conftool. Go to Conftool and follow the “Register New” link under “New Account”. After filling in the required fields of the web form, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with your account details. You do not have to create a new user account for each paper you submit. The same user account can be used for multiple submissions.

Login to Conftool: Depending on the phase of the submission and review process you will see different options after logging in. If you have already submitted papers, you can always access the list with your submissions and see their status. If you have forgotten your password a new one can be obtained through the “Forgotten your password?” link.

Submit a new contribution: Select “Your Submissions” and select the track where you want to submit your abstract. You will also have the possibility to update your submission and upload newer versions until the submission deadline. A paper upload facility will be available after acceptance of your abstract. A number will be assigned to your submission, please use this number for further reference.

Paper upload: Login to your Conftool account, then go to “Your submissions”, select the submission where you would like to upload a paper. On the right navigation, click on “Upload”. Then you can upload your paper.

Update contribution details: Until the submission deadline, you can update your contribution details, upload new versions of the contribution, or withdraw the contribution. The last uploaded version at the time of the submission deadline will be considered for review, unless the contribution is withdrawn.

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3. Registration

Who needs to register for the conference?

All participants to the conference need to register on the ISS portal prior to the conference.

Information on the fees can be found here, together with the registration form.

Please note the following important information:

  • Registering on the ISS portal is different from having a Conftool account. The latter is simply the conference management system where submissions are uploaded.
  • All participants are required to register. This includes: presenters, panel conveners, and also participants who wish to attend the conference without presenting (including co-authors).

Please check our website for further information or subscribe to our newsletter.

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4. EADI Membership

Become part of the largest international network in the field of Development Studies and take advantage from a reduced conference registration fee (link) and many other benefits (link), for example:

  • Spread your calls, publications, courses and vacancies via EADI’s communication channels
  • Join one of EADI’s interdisciplinary working groups
  • Participate in EADI’s networking events
  • Get free access to the European Journal of Development Research (EJDR)
  • Receive updates on the latest project opportunities, studies and updates in European Development Research
  • Network with renowned institutes and scholars in the field of your research

If you submit your membership application a few days before registration, you will be able to register with a reduced fee.

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5. Practical Information

Can I get a confirmation letter for attending the conference?

All accepted presenters and participants can get a confirmation letter on demand. Please contact the conference team.

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Important Dates

06 January 2020: Call for Abstracts closed (new deadline)

31 January 2020: Notification on Abstract acceptance

29 June - 2 July 2020: EADI ISS Conference