HP108 - Partnerships or development in EU external relations?
Convened by Simon Lightfoot (University of Leeds, UK), Sarah Delputte (Ghent University, Belgium), Jörg Faust (German Institute for Development, Germany), Nadia Molenaers (University of Antwerp, Belgium) and Johanne D. Saltnes (University of Oslo, Norway)

This harvest panel focuses on the recent use of the term partnerships in the context of development cooperation policy in the EU. Rhetorically at least this potentially signals a greater commitment to solidarity and social justice on the part of the EU. We invite papers that explore the context of the EU foreign and development policy changing from normative exceptionalism to a more interest-driven approach. The increasingly challenging environment for EU member states and institutions to find common ground in this policy sphere, the negotiations of a new partnership with the ACP countries and the Commission’s proposal for a major overhaul of the EU’s financial architecture for external action all point to the EU being at a crossroads.

Final submission type: full papers

EADI Working Groups: the European Union as a Development Actor and Development Cooperation Policies and Performance

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