Panels and Sessions #eadi2020iss

EADI is happy to announce the open call for seed and harvest panels at the 16th EADI General Conference from 29 June to 2 July 2020. Below, you can click on each panel to find the panel abstract.

Submitting your abstract to a panel can be done here.

Furthermore, the workshop and roundtable sessions (invited speakers only) can now also be viewed.

In spring 2020 we will announce specific dates, times and locations of these panels and sessions.

How to Submit Your Abstract

You may now submit an abstract for a panel (track):

Please register with Conftool and read the instructions provided carefully.

Once you have registered, you may select a track and submit your abstract.

As final submissions vary, please read carefully what type of submission is expected after the acceptance of your abstract (draft paper, full paper, presentation).

We offer two panel formats:

  • Seed panel (SP): Provides a platform to present work in progress and/or innovative ideas and do not necessarily require the submission of a full paper.
  • Harvest panel (HP): Provides a space to present completed research and research findings.

The abstract should not be longer than 600 words.

Important Dates

21 October 2019: Call for Abstracts launched

15 December 2019: Call for Abstracts closed

31 January 2020: Notification on Abstract acceptance

29 June - 2 July 2020: EADI ISS Conference