EADI/ISS Virtual Dialogue: Transforming Narratives in support of Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice, 16 July, 15.30 CET

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16 Jul 2020

Oxfam Online Session: As part of the global trend of shifting and shrinking civic space, we have seen governments and other powerful actors deploy stigmatizing and delegitimizing narratives to undermine the legitimacy of CSOs and civic action.   The increase of populist rhetoric which taps into emotions and values of people, and even at times adopts some of the human rights language, is increasingly visible around us. Together these are having a detrimental effect on solidarity, peace and social justice.

Join us for a 90 minute conversation with practitioners, academics and activists to explore how shaping, sharing and communicating a different set of narratives or stories, that connect to the values of solidarity and social justice, might contribute to a more enabling environment for freedoms of assembly, association and speech – for civic space – to take root? What can we learn through combining perspectives and approaches across development practitioner, academia and communications to strengthen solidarity and social justice? What roles should development organisations play or not play?

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