EADI ISS General Conference 2020, Call for Panels and Sessions open!

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23 May 2019

We are happy to announce that the Call for Panels and Session for the EADI ISS General Conference "Solidarity, Peace, and Social Justice", 29 June to 2 July 2020 in the Hague, is now open! Deadline for Submissions is 6 September 2019. Download the call

The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) announce the 16th EADI General Conference, to be held in The Hague (Netherlands) from Monday 29 June to Thursday 2 July 2020.

The central theme of the conference is “Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice”. Together, these three concepts represent our aspirations for approaches to global development that address inequality, poverty and political marginalisation, also in connection with climate change and other environmental threats. Solidarity is essential for any process of social change. Based on mutually shared interests and human values, solidarity can be extremely powerful. Yet it can also be easily undermined in an era of fake news and (electronically) manipulated elections. Peace and social justice are similarly important values in (as well as aspired outcomes of) struggles or transformation processes in which solidarity is key.

We look forward to an exciting and inspiring gathering of development researchers, activists and practitioners from all over the world. We would like to invite panel and session conveners as well as conference participants to reflect on any aspect of solidarity, peace, and social justice, such as:

  • How can we give new meanings to solidarity in a period of growing distrust between and within nations and amongst people?
  • How can we, as development scholars and practitioners, contribute to peace and social justice in our work?
  • How can we find new understandings and/or explanations to the concept of ‘development’, without simply adding new adjectives?

Call for Panels and Sessions

We seek to provide spaces for discussion, engagement, sharing, and co-creation among conveners, contributors and participants. For that reason, the conference gives room for a variety of different formats. We explicitly welcome innovative formats, artistic expressions and non-academic contributors.

We call for a variety of different panel and session formats, such as, but not exclusively so:

Seed Panels (90min)

  • Are included in the open call for abstracts (open in September 2019)
  • Provide a platform to present work in progress and/or innovative ideas
  • Do not necessarily require the submission of a full paper
  • Conveners must be prepared to give constructive feedback and to convene the panel in such way that presenters and attendees mutually benefit

Harvest Panels (90 min)

  • Are included in the open call for abstracts (open in September 2019)
  • Provide a space to present completed research and research findings
  • Conveners may opt for making the submission of full papers obligatory, but must be prepared to provide adequate comments on the submitted papers
  • Conveners are asked to explore possibilities for publication of contributions

Roundtable Sessions (90min)

  • Roundtable sessions are not included in the call for abstracts
  • Convenors are responsible for inviting panellists
  • Roundtable sessions can have an academic, a practice-oriented or a programmatic focus

Workshop Sessions (90min)

  • Limited number of participants, with prior registration
  • Workshop sessions can have:
  • an academic focus
  • a research to practice focus
  • a skills focus
  • a creative focus (dance, music, zine-making, arts,…) (dance, music, zine-making, arts,…) 

Reading/Reflection Group Sessions (90min)

  • Reading/Reflection Group Convenors moderate the session and select and share texts and/or other resources for the discussion
  • Participants need to register beforehand to receive the readings and prepare them
  • Number of participants is limited

General Requirements

The conference organisers ask all panel/session organisers to convene their panels and sessions in such a way that they are interactive and provide safe spaces for mutual learning and convivial exchanges. Organisers of seed and harvest panels must be prepared to provide substantial comments on submitted abstracts and/or full papers, ensuring individual feedback for each presenter during the session (e.g. through a discussant) and allocate sufficient time for interaction with the audience. Please note that panels/sessions are limited to a maximum of two time slots.

We encourage convenors to aim for diverse and gender-balanced panels sessions with an adequate representation of young scholars and scholars from the Global South.

Deadline for the submission of panel proposals is 6 September 2019

Submit via the Conference Website        Enquiries: conference@eadi.org

Download the call as PDF

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