PEGNET Expert Meeting: Effects of social cash transfers on the different dimensions of poverty, Bonn, 7 November 2018

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07 Nov 2018

Social cash transfers can play an important role for human, economic and socio-political development. For long, they have been seen mainly as an instrument for poverty alleviation. Today, we know that they are also effective in preventing poverty and in tackling other, non-monetary dimensions of poverty (such as, malnutrition, bad health, low education), which in turn helps breaking the intergenerational transmission of poverty. Furthermore, cash transfers encourage low-income households to invest and become economically active and could potentially promote social inclusion, social cohesion, societal and political stability. The question is which types of social cash transfer schemes are most effective in achieving these different effects and under what conditions.

The expert meeting, jointly organized by The German Development Institute (DIE), PEGNet and EADI at the DIE premises in Bonn is meant to (i) provide participants with an overview on the empirical evidence that we have so far on the effects of different kinds of social cash transfers schemes on the multiple dimensions of poverty at least. It provides an opportunity for policy makers and researchers (ii) to discuss which kind of social cash transfer scheme is best at reducing different dimensions of poverty. Moreover, it provides room for all participants to (iii) develop a common understanding of the implications of the existing empirical evidence for future policy making.

If you would like to attend, please send a short email by 22 October 2018 to:

The full invitation to and schedule of the workshop is available here

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