Getting the Message Right: Research Communciations Workshop 15 and 16 November

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15 Nov 2018

In times of increasing information overload, communicating the right piece of research to the right people has become as important and multifaceted as doing the research itself. This workshop brings together communication experts from member institutes to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practice in development research communication.

This one and a half day interactive workshop will take place in Bonn, Germany, starting on the 15th at 13.30 afternoon. It will offer space

  • To learn and to exchange experiences on a peer to peer level;
  • To deepen and extend cross-institutional connections;
  • To explore current trends in research communication regarding development issues;
  • To discuss the framing of messages for various target audiences and evaluation methods;
  • To learn from best and worst practice.

Confirmed speakers are

Anna Pia Hudtloff, Head of Communication, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)
Rowena Harding, Research Communications Officer, Global Development Institute (GDI)
Victoria Engstrand-Neacsu, Head of Communications, The Nordic Africa Institute
Virginia Mucchi, Head of Communications, European Centre for Development Policy Man-agement (ECDPM)

In the morning of the 16th there will be an open space format for exchange based on the ideas and needs of the participants.

The event will wrap up on Friday afternoon with an excursion to the UN climate secretariat UNFCCC and an exchange with a senior UNFCCC communications officer.

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