EADI Panel at Development Research Conference 2018, 22-23 August, Gothenburg

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22 Aug 2018

EADI in collaboration with the EADI Working Group on "Post-/Decolonial Perspectives on Development" is hosting the panel "Rethinking development research: objects and subjects in development studies" on 23 August from 9 to 10.30 a.m.

Despite a broad consensus that global problems require global solutions, academia and research remain dominated by Western scholars and epistemologies. Western knowledge and its forms of production are considered as universally applicable and relevant. It is widely accepted that assumptions rooted in European modernity are similarly applicable in other contexts and hemispheres. Much has been said about the continuation of colonial matrix of power that revolves around the notions of binary construction of epistemologies, and categories of identities along racial, ethnic, and/or religious lines that are objective in outlook. Yet, Southern knowledge(s) continue to be marginalized and/or silenced.

In this panel, we analyze the problematic of objectivity through the lens of knowledge construction. We look at the foundations of epistemologies, i.e., object-subject relations that generate knowledge. The panel will address asymmetric relations by exploring to which ends and by which means development research and training is or should be conducted, especially by institutions in the North. We critically interrogate what is needed for our discipline(s) to contribute to truly transformative processes in knowledge production, dissemination, policy and practice.

After a brief opening by EADI president Henning Melber and Julia Schöneberg (University of Kassel and EADI Secretariat) we look forward to the following challenging and thought-provoking interventions:

“Development and Culture” vs “Development as Culture”, Juan Telleria, University of the Basque Country, Spain

“Rule of Law Development Intermediaries in Myanmar’s Transition”, Kristina Anna Isabella Simion, Australian National University, Australia

“Decolonising the Interview – Prospects and Challenges”, Esther Kronsbein, University of Kassel, Germany

“Reverse innovation: an opportunity to combat asymmetric ignorance in the international development architecture”, Hamdi Issa, Ara Darzi, Matthew Harris, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Further information about the conference and all other panels is available here: https://globalstudies.gu.se/forskning/development-research-conference-2018

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