EADI Roundtable: Colonial legacies and development studies: contesting discourses and narratives

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28 Jun 2018

Inequalities are increasing globally. Dissecting the social, economic and environmental dimensions of these inequalities reveals how disparities of income and wealth, of access to resources, of limitations to free speech and free movement continue to be shaped by (post-)colonial power relations, Western narratives of progress and their entanglements with (white) idea(l)s of modernity, civilization and development.

Uma Kothari (University of Manchester), Olivia U. Rutazibwa (University of Portsmouth) and Nivi Manchanda (Queen Mary University of London) are debating necessary challenges to assumptions underlying the field of Development Studies, how a historiography of Development Studies can provide starting points for a decolonization of development knowledge and how scholarly commitment to emancipatory knowledge production and practice can best challenge defamatory populism and counter racist narratives in the popular debate. The discussion is chaired by EADI president Henning Melber.

28 June 2018, 11 am | Development Studies Association Conference 2018 | Manchester.

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