EADI Prize for Development Studies 2006

Among the 50 entries of this year’s competition, the jury has identified a clear winner. We are very delighted to award the 2006 EADI Prize for Excellence in development Studies to a young woman who has submitted a paper which raises questions at the heart of the research process.

Francesca Severino’s outstanding paper on “What thesaurus to define EU/ACP relations? Analysis of the term development in the thesaurus of the EU and other International Organizations.“ is a rigorous analysis of a philosophical and epistemological nature on a broad theme.

The paper analyses the use of the term “development” in five well known thesauri (FAO, EU, UN, UNESCO, OECD) and shows a very original approach and surprising results.

Francesca Severino’s main argument is “that the thesaurus as a Knowlegde organisation system is the outcome of a culture, specifically the western culture”. Hereby she stimulates thoughts about how a thesaurus is culturally determined and she examines the implications of this Western biased system for the outcomes of research, especially in a multicultural world where different world views drive research agendas.

Thus, it is a thought provoking, clear paper about development from an unusual perspective, which raises questions at the heart of the research process, which is very topical for the activities of EADI as an association of research institutes as well.

Francesca Severino studied Philosophy and Applied Anthropology in Italy and completed an International Master Programme in Cooperation and Development at the University of Pavia. The winning essay is based on her Masters’ thesis. We congratulate Francesca and wish her all the best in her future career!

EADI has created the prize for Excellence in development Studies to encourage creative, interdisciplinary, multifaceted research on development issues. It was created in 2005 with the objective to reward and bring recognition to the upcoming generation of development specialists.