EADI Prize for Excellence in Development Studies

EADI has created the EADI Prize in 2005 to encourage creative, interdisciplinary, multifaceted research on development issues, with the objective “to encourage creative, interdisciplinary, multifaceted research on development issues” from the upcoming generation of development specialists.

2017: Anne-Kathrin Weber

"Why companies go green – A constructivist view on corporate sustainability activities in the forest sector"

“Corsairs in the Crosshairs: Delinking piracy from terrorism in Somalia and implications for governance along the Horn of Africa”

“China’s Metals Demand and Commodity Prices: A Case of Disruptive Development?”

“Urban tenure security in developing countries: On perception, property rights, and slum development”

“La cohérence des politiques pour le développement de l’UE comme instrument de promotion d’une « approche positive » des migrations”

"The spatial politics of food hygiene: regulating small-scale retail in Delhi"

“The Development of Ethnic Minorities in Urban China: The Beijing Example”

“What thesaurus to define EU/ACP relations? Analysis of the term development in the thesaurus of the EU and other International Organizations“

"Should Approaches to Post-conflict Justice and Reconciliation be Determined Globally, Nationally or Locally?"