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Frequently Asked Questions

EADI CEsA General Conference 2023: Towards New Rhythms of Development, Lisbon, 10-13 July 2023

General Information

The conference is a joint partnership between EADI (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes) and the CEsA Centre for African and Development Studies at the University of Lisbon.

The Lisbon conference aims to illuminate the various causes and manifestations of shifts in global relations, inequalities, and forms of exclusion, and to explore and map alternative ‘new rhythms of development’.

Where exactly will the conference take place?

The conference will be hosted within the premises of the ISEG (Lisbon School of Economics & Management) at the University of Lisbon.

Location: ISEG - Rua do Quelhas 6, 1200-781 Lisbon, Portugal

Yes, the conference is organised in a hybrid way to give the maximum flexibility to participants. This means that presenters and participants will be able to present/participate either online or in-person. Sessions will take place physically at the conference venue and be live-streamed via Zoom.

Hybridity applies to all panel sessions except workshop panels, which can only take place in-person (i.e. not hybrid).

Please note that once you register for the conference, you need to take a final decision regarding whether you attend in person or online (see section of registration below for more details).


The conference will be hosted within the premises of the ISEG (Lisbon School of Economics & Management) at the University of Lisbon.

Location: ISEG - Rua do Quelhas 6, 1200-781 Lisbon, Portugal

To stay up to date with the latest news, you can subscribe to our newsletter here, follow our twitter account here (and the conference hashtag #NewDevRhythms) and check for regular updates on the conference website here.

We seek to provide spaces for discussion, engagement, sharing, and co-creation among conveners, contributors and participants. For that reason, the conference gives room for a variety of different panels and sessions:

Seed Panels

  • Are included in the open call for abstracts
  • Provide a platform to present work in progress and/or innovative ideas
  • Do not necessarily require the submission of a full paper
  • Constructive feedback to applicants after submissions of papers is expected, as well as during the session

Harvest Panels

  • Are included in the open call for abstracts
  • Provide a space to present completed research and research findings
  • Conveners may opt for making the submission of full papers obligatory, but must be prepared to provide adequate comments on the submitted papers
  • Conveners are asked to explore possibilities for publication of contributions

Workshop sessions

  • Limited number of participants, with prior registration
  • Not included in the call for abstracts

Sessions can have:

  • An academic focus
  • A research practice focus
  • A skills focus
  • A creative focus

Roundtable sessions

  • Not included in the call for abstracts
  • Convenors are responsible for inviting panellists and to secure funds for their participation
  • Can have an academic, a practice-oriented or a programmatic focus

Important information

Seed panels, Harvest panels and Roundtables can be organised in a hybrid way, with participants joining either in-person or online. However, please note that Workshops can only be organised in-person and not in a hybrid format.

Any single person (either convener or co-convener) can take part in the organisation of a maximum of two panels.

For every panel, at least one (co)-convener must be attending the conference physically in Lisbon, i.e., it is not possible to organise a panel only convened remotely.

Please note that panels/sessions are limited to a maximum of two time slots (subject to approval based on logistical constraints).

We encourage convenors to aim for diverse and gender-balanced panels sessions with an adequate representation of young scholars and scholars from the Global South.


For this conference, we apply a “crowd-funding” approach. All working groups and institutions presenting in a panel and attending the Conference will be expected to be self-funded. This refers to the payment of the registration fees, the arrangement of travels with speakers from the Global South and possibly shared costs for the organisers of the panel for the provision of special technical equipment. EADI will provide an online paper and panel management system to all panel organizers and working groups, in order to create an online conference program with all papers and presentations available for download.

The deadline for submitting panels is over. For any enquiries, you can contact the conference team at: conference2023(at)

Paper Management

The call for abstracts closed on December 18. Submissions are no longer possible.

By 30 January you will be able to see whether your submission is accepted or not for the conference. To view the result, please log into your Conftool account.

If the title and description of your session is in English, you must submit an abstract in English. If the title and description of your session is in Portuguese, you must submit an abstract in Portuguese (i.e. you cannot submit an abstract in Portuguese for a session in English, and you cannot submit an abstract in English for a session in Portuguese). Submissions in other languages are unfortunately not possible.  

Conftool is the conference management software that is used for this conference. Through Conftool you can submit a contribution, and at a later stage manage your profile and register for the event.

To register to Conftool, follow these steps:

  • Open the Conftool page by clicking here, or copy pasting the following URL into your browser:
  • Click on ‘register new’ to start creating your account
  • Fill in all the required fields and any optional field you like, and click on ‘Create user account only’ at the bottom of the page
  • Check that you receive the automatic confirmation email in your mailbox. Make sure to check your spam folder: Conftool emails often land there.

To submit an abstract for a seed or harvest panel, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your conftool account and click on ‘Your submissions’
  • Read carefully the information on top of the page before proceeding
  • Select the panel you are interested in from the list
  • Fill in the required fields and click on ‘Proceed’
  • Review all your information before clicking on ‘Save submission’
  • The submission is now saved and will appear on top of the ‘Your submissions’ page
  • Check that you have received the confirmation email (it may be in your spam folder)

From 30 January onwards, you will be able to see whether your contribution is accepted for the conference or not. To do so, please log into your Conftool account and click on your submission to display details.

Important information for conveners

For each panel, at least one convener needs to be physically present in Lisbon for the conference. If there are more than one convener for a panel, some can attend online as long as one is present.

Once accepted presenters in your session have been notified of their acceptance, they will have to register. It is during the registration process that they (and everyone else) will have to decide whether they attend online or in-person.

No, this is unfortunately not feasible. Each panel gets one slot and one only.

Please email us at: conference2023(at) letting us know of the desired changes and we will make the relevant changes on the conference website and on Conftool.


Yes, everyone attending the conference needs to register. This also applies if you are attending the conference without taking part in a panel. To register, you will need to create a Conftool account.

Registration is now open, and the deadline for early-bird registration is 26 March 2023. Please consult the FAQs regularly for updates.

The fee structure for the conference can be found in the table below. Prices are listed in euros.


In person



Early Bird

Late registration

Early Bird

Late Registration

EADI Non-member

285 €

335 €

245 €

285 €

EADI Member

205 €

235 €

165 €

205 €

EADI Non-member (PhD Researcher)

155 €

205 €

115 €

155 €

EADI Member (PhD Researcher)

135 €

165 €

95 €

135 €

Reduced Fee (Participants from Low and Middle Income Countries)

95 €

115 €

85 €

95 €

Registration is now open, and the deadline for early-bird registration is 26 March 2023. During the registration process you will have to confirm whether you are attending in-person or online (final decision).

Important note: If you have submitted an abstract for a seed or harvest panel, please make sure that you have checked the status of your abstract on Conftool (accepted or rejected) before completing registration.

The registration fee includes tea/coffee breaks as well as evening drink receptions. Please be aware that it does not include lunch or dinner.

The deadline to apply for fee waivers is now over and we are no longer taking in applications for that.

However, it is still possible to apply for a reduced fee if you are:

  • Either: based in a low- or middle-income country
  • Or: based in a high-income country and are unemployed

To apply for a reduced fee, please send a request to eadi_cesa23(at)

Please do not start the registration process before hearing back from us about your application.

First, please check that you have selected ‘Yes’ in the Visa Invitation Letter Request field in your user profile in Conftool, and entered the relevant information required (passport number etc.). If not, modify accordingly and save your changes.

Second, please complete registration through Conftool (see above).

Third, and only once the above is complete, email eadi_cesa23(at) to ask for a visa letter.

You can get in touch with our team handling registrations and payment at: eadi_cesa23(at)

Travelling and staying in Lisbon

Yes. The conference organisers do not provide packages which include accommodation. You need to take care of booking accommodation yourself.

Important note: Lisbon is a very touristic European city, particularly so in summertime. We therefore strongly advise that you look in advance for a suitable accommodation, given there can be issues of availability and high prices if you book last minute.

We suggest you browse the website of the Tourism Office here to familiarise yourself with what can be done in the city.

The conference takes place at the ISEG-Lisbon School of Economics and Management at the University of Lisbon. The full postal address is:

Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão

Rua do Quelhas 6

1200-781 Lisboa (Portugal)

There are many public transport options available for people arriving to Lisbon. The airport address is: Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal

From the airport you can take the metro and/or several buses. Please consult this web page to plan your journey:

An additional Aerobus also runs from the airport to specific stops in the city:

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