Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship

EADI is proud to be partner of the Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship project which is co-created and implemented by 15 European and global civil society organisations. It seeks to mobilise and empower global civil society to contribute to a transformation towards global justice and eradication of poverty through Global Citizenship Education (GCE). EADI takes the leading role in the work on Knowledge Exchange Partnerships which serve to ensure a free flow of ideas and best practices for Global Citizenship Education between research institutions and civil society organisations.

Global citizenship education (GCE) helps people develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of how our world and its citizens are interdependent. With the help of this understanding, people can directly and actively participate in the political arena, make informed decisions and demand coherent policies for a more equal world from their decision-makers. Key areas of GCE can be defined as sustainable development, human rights, gender equality, human security, peace and appreciation of cultural diversity. Keeping it short, GCE educates to build a more just, peaceful and equal world without leaving anyone behind.

As an integral part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GCE is an intrinsic part of Goal 4 – Education - under target 4.7, which focuses on promoting education for sustainable development.

The Bridge 47 Project relies on a diverse consortium of 15 European partner organisations from all around Europe, working on Global Citizenship Education. The project started in October 2017 and will run until October 2020. It is unique both in scope and innovative approaches to the promotion of Global Citizenship Education in Europe.

KEHYS, the Finnish NGDO platform to the European Union acts as the facilitating organisation and is coordinating the overall project. Divided into four major outcomes, the Bridge 47 staff currently works in the following areas:

(1) Bridge 47 Network

(2) Advocacy

(3) Partnerships

(4) Innovation and Capacity Development.

EADI’s role is focused on outcome (3) Partnerships Aiming  to build new and strengthen existing partnerships to facilitate knowledge exchange between researchers and practitioners. With a series of events, workshops and conferences over the next years we are contributing to bridge communication gaps between civil society organisations and academia.

During the first conference organized by the Bridge 47 project on 3 October 2018, 100 civil society representatives gathered in Brussels to discuss the role of Global Citizenship Education in achieving sustainable development. Find a report here: ...

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