EADI Seminars

Past EADI Seminars

28 Aug 2014

This is an overview of the dates, locations and topics of the past EADI Seminars (1999–2014).

20 March 2014, Amsterdam | EADI Seminar 2014 – Project Experiences

19 April 2013, Prague | Conference/Call for Papers: New Challenges for Cooperation of European and Developing Countries - Contribution of Academic Sphere, Public Administration, NGOs and Private Sector

17 March 2011 (Oslo): Urban governance, vulnerability and resilience in cities in the South - urban growth strategies, the informal city, vulnerability and resilience"

15 April 2010, Ljubljana (Slovenia) | Coherence of multi- and bilateral development co-operation in the case of Euro-Mediterranean region

European Perspectives on International Development, 23 April 2009, FRIDE, Madrid (Spain)

Globalisation and Sustainable Development, 3 April 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Accessing Development Knowledge - Partnership Perspectives, 19 April 2007, Helsinki, Finland

Promoting Coherence. Tools, mechanism and ways to put coherence into practice, 31 March 2006, Vienna, Austria

Conflict and Regional Development in the Great Lakes Region, 22 April 2005, Antwerp, Belgium

State of the Art in Development Issues: Towards a Europen Perspective, 19 November 2004, Paris, France

The EMU and the New Members States: Some lessons from and for the developing world, 23 April 2004, Valletta, Malta

Reinventing Development, 7 November 2003, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro

Suburban development in the context of war and structural adjustment: Luanda and Maputo. An interdisciplinary approach, 2 May 2003, Lisbon, Portugal

Reconciling Development and Human Security. Challenges in the New International Scenario, April 2002, Barcelona, Spain

Development Co-operation: National Strategy and Its Regional Aspects, November 2001, Prague, Czech Republic

Gender and Globalisation: Processes of Social and Economic Restructuring April 2001, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

EU Dimensions of Regional Policies in the Associated Central European countries, April 2000, Ljubljana, Slovenia

April 1994, Dublin: The Future of Development Studies

May 1995, Bergen: Decline and Development

November 1995, Warsaw: Shaping International Competitiveness of the Polish Economy

April 1997, Dublin: Toward Effective Multidisciplinarity in Development Research and Policy

November 1997, Zagreb: Sub-regional Cooperation, Integration and Transition: What are the Options for South-Eastern Europe?

April 1998, Geneva: Trade Policies and Labour Standards, A State-of-the-Art on the "Social Clause"

November 1998, Copenhagen: Poverty Reduction, Perceptions and Realities, European Aid for Poverty Reduction

April 1999, Valletta: The Euro-Mediterranean Process

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